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OCR’s Cutest Senior Cat Contest is Back

Chyna Bear chills after entering OCR's Cutest Senior Cat Contest.

OCR’s 2nd annual Cutest Senior Cat Contest launched today and it is rocking Facebook thanks to our friends and fans — but most of all, those fabulous felines that deign to share our lives.

Every November, OCR celebrates Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month with an American Idol-style contest that lets the community choose their favorite senior cat. And once again, we are happy to partner with World’s Best Cat Litter for a grand prize that includes a 6-month supply of litter. (I’ve tried WBCL and give it two paws up).

If you want your cat to glitter in the OCR Hall of Fame — and win the litter — it’s really simple.Visit OldCatsRule on Facebook, and click on the the promotions tab and upload a photo of your cat along with the cat’s name and age. But don’t wait too long because the contest ends November 14. The winner will be announced by the end of the month. Think about it: you won’t have to run to the store for cat litter and can focus on last-minute holiday shopping or parties.

All contestants must be at least 18 years of age and live in the United States.






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The Paws That Refreshes

We took time out from a fruitless job search to meet some of our Facebook friends and attend a fund-raiser for New York City’s Animal Care and Control. Coincidentally, Friday night’s event was the first anniversary of being laid off, so a distraction would probably help.

And it did.

First up was cocktails with I HAVE CAT and meeting new friends, Sharon, Damon and Kira at the Bowery Wine Company. A low-key, friendly vibe and Happy Hour specials fueled a fast, fun get-together — and was the perfect opening act for the AC&C soireee.

As I HAVE CAT noted, we went to the dogs. Various terriers, a pit bull and Bocker the Labradoodle were the main (mane?) attractions.  We fussed over the pooches (convinced our cats would give us hell for it later) and talked to other animal lovers. Two folks from the Long Island Happy Cat Sanctuary got my attention because the founder was a guy (yes, a man!) who started rescuing cats on his own. Before he could say meow, he had a miniature wild kingdom. Now he was trying to turn it into a full-fledged organization. They don’t even have a website, so I can’t give you a link.

Coming from the world of TV, I couldn’t resist shooting a little video, including I HAVE CAT cuddling some pooches. It’s on OCR’s Facebook page.

But I’m sure the feline world will forgive IHC because she scored a Harper’s Baazar lithograph worth $1,200 and plans to use it to raise money for the animals. The kicker is the man who won it in the AC&C raffle didn’t seem to thrilled, so IHC marched right up to him and asked for it. Good job!

Speaking of jobs, I still don’t have one but went home glad that I got out of the sweatpants for one night.

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OCR on Facebook

Just a reminder that OldCatsRule is on Facebook with fresh content that is not on the blog.

Get your cat on every day — just click here and become a fan of OCR’s page. You’ll see fan/feline photos, a story about the new generation of piano-playing cats, how to avoid common mistakes when feeding kitty and lots more.

OldCatsRule is more fun than a hit of catnip.

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OCR on Facebook

We have fresh cat-content from around the Web at OldCatsRule on Facebook. Check it out and we hope you will become a fan.

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Facebook Fun

We just posted a bunch of content on OCR’s Facebook page, including cat trivia and a link to a New York City restaurant that is doing something to help the animals.

To be continued…

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Smudge Has Got the Goods

Smudge is OCR's Cutest Senior Cat

Smudge the cat is a lucky duck! Last month, this soulful senior feline won OCR’s Cutest Senior Cat Contest on Facebook. The prize was a 6-month supply of World’s Best Cat Litter and a boho tote from the Atomic Housewife.

Smudge and his human were gracious enough to send us photos and write about the thrill of victory.

Here is their post at

You can also check out Weekend Cat Blogging and visit OldCatsRule on Facebook.

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iPhone Apps for Cat Lovers

It’s 2010, so let’s get appy.

Cat lovers with an iPhone or iPod touch can download a slew of apps to get their feline on. Heck, if I had the cash, I’d create an app for OCR but in the meantime, Mashable compiled a list of the top apps in our favorite cat-egorically. OK, we’ll stop with the puns now.

Top iPhone Apps for Cat Lovers

Of course, thousands of apps are bubbling around in cyberspace, so we wanted to clue you in to a few others that didn’t make the Mashable story.

From iPhone Savior

Cat Piano (courtesy Webomania)

CatDodku (courtesy appcraver)


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