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Therapy Cats and the Power of Purr

Snuggling next to a purring ball of fur can make the weight of the world a little easier to endure. Bubba has helped me in that department for many years.

However, certified therapy cats are relatively rare. While we have nothing against dogs, we believe in purr power is an underutilized resource. notes that cats are less likely to knock over large medical equipment. However, they require careful training  before starting this new unique career. The CatSite offers some tips for assessing your cat’s potential to be a therapy pet. The Delta Society and Love on a Leash are also valuable resources for aspiring therapy cats.

I would simply like to point out a few stories of people who have been helped by therapy cats. From, I learned about Marie, a senior citizen with no friends or family — until Handsome came along. This is how one little Persian cat helped a lonely, depressed old woman:

“She remained curled in a fetal position with no interest in living. She had sores on her legs from constant scratching. After Handsome became Marie’s roommate, whenever she tried to scratch herself, he would play with her hands or otherwise distract her. Within a month the sores had healed. But even more incredible, she was so fascinated with the cat that she asked the staff about his care. Before long, she was inviting other residents to come visit with her pet.”

And ,‘s Cat Guide. shared a reader’s story:

“I’ve suffered from clinical depression and ADHD all my life. A year and a half ago I finally sobered up after a battle with drug abuse and stayed sober after intense treatment at hospitals, outpatient work, therapy, and medication. My life was a little more stable without the drugs but I still found it really hard to interact with people and get out of bed each day let alone stay organized and try to be even a little productive. I made the decision to get a cat and 4 months ago I brought home two little two-month old fluffballs: Genghis (an orange tabby) and Fidel (a tuxedo cat). They have been such a blessing. I finally feel like my life is becoming normal and all the bumps are starting to smooth themselves out. It started with knowing that no matter what I had to get up everyday and take care of them. Now I can’t wait to get out of bed. They’ve done what no therapy could ever do. Whenever I feel down they come over looking for pets and to curl up beside me”

Lastly, I want to pay tribute to the many times, Bubba and his late brother, Pudpat, got me through some sad times. Bubba is still a touchstone, doing his best to help me through the past year-and-a-half. I can never repay him — simply cherish him more with each day.


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Commentary: Cats, Real Life and an Animal Abuse Registry


It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. Life, unemployment and stress are all factor but ultimately there is no excuse.

Through it all, Bubba and the girls have been a comfort — even when they are busting my chops to get out of bed. Especially when they want me to get up and face the world (but not before feeding them, of course).

On the blog news front, Bubba and OCR got a mention in Fetch magazine’s special senior pets issue. Alas, I’m not the article is not available online.

Elsewhere, we’ve been active on Facebook and continually amazed at the interested OCR has generated.  Thanks to everyone who has offered feedback, tips and postings.

Now, on to my commentary for the day.

The recent story of a New York man who tried to cook his cat, Navarro, understandably sparked anger among anyone with a heart. You don’t have to like cats to be sickened at such an act.

“What really grabbed my heart was this passage from the story: “When he was brought here, he was in rough shape. He was still purring, still trying to be very friendly, but having a hard time,” said Gina Browning, public relations director of the Erie County SPCA.”

Fortunately, Navarro has a new name and a loving home.

Navarro’s story is one more reason we need a national registry for animal abusers. New York, California and Colorado are among several states that have considered a registry. Some may say it’s misguided to place animal abusers in the same category as child molesters.

To that I would state the obvious: it is a well-established that one of the hallmarks of may serial killers is torturing animals. A registry need not be a way to stigmatize people, rather an official step to treating those who are receptive to change. For people with deeper issues this mean early identification — potentially preventing a person’s murder.

The opposition could rightly counter that an animal abuse registry is creating one more bureaucratic morass in difficult times. The government is already swimming in a sea of debt and unemployed Americans who cannot find work. Why spend money on animals?

To that I would say a small tax on pet food and supplies is one option. I hate taxes as much as the next person, however, in a country where we will be forced to have health care of pay a fine, a few more pennies to protect those without a voice is a worthwhile investment.

To do otherwise would only chip at the innately giving spirit that has traditionally made this country great.


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‘Lost’ Re-enacted by Cats

Bubba: the Energizer Cat

The finale of “Lost” may be confusing but leave it to the animals to place it all in perspective.

Bubba felt fuzzy because we couldn’t get a TV or Internet fix, thanks to a Time Warner outage. (I almost typed outrage and that would’ve worked, too.)

Anyway, click on the link below to see cats sum up all six seasons of “Lost” in less than 2 minutes.

Watch the video.

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OCR on Facebook

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OCR on Facebook

Just a reminder that OldCatsRule is on Facebook with fresh content that is not on the blog.

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The Internet is Made of Cats

Cats rule the Internet -- but you already knew that./courtesy

Dogs don’t Twitter and they don’t head multimillion-dollar media empires a la Sockington. Therefore, the folks at composed an educational ditty about cats and the Internet.

However, most feline fanatics know cats are attracted to the computer screen, especially if you are typing away and ignoring them. But being curious, they wanted to find out what was so bloody fascinating — and lo and behold, the Internet was made of cats.

Click here to watch the video.


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OCR on Facebook

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