Cat of the Day

Brindle is quite the lady.Brindle is a mature, elegant 9-year-old. Her human said Brindle’s younger brother and sister keep this kitty on her paw pads. Although a senior cat is generally defined as ages 8 and up, we think these guidelines should be revised. Sometimes, an 8-year-old cat is just coming into its own. So we salute Brindle for being in her prime.

If you have a picture of your senior feline, share it with the OldCatsRule community. Ping us here on Twitter, or Facebook at OldCatsRule.


Julian is 15 years old.

Julian has a regal name and certainly look like an emperor as he calmly surveys his kingdom. This gentle soul is 15 years old and keeps a watchful eye on his humans.

If you have a picture of your senior feline, share it with the OldCatsRule community. Ping us here on Twitter, or Facebook at OldCatsRule.
3ke3p23o45O35Pd5R69al78e88fe8cdc91a26.jpgWinnie is a beautiful 10-year-old Maine Coon mix cat who needs a home. This gentle fluff ball is is afraid of other cats but once she gets to know you, Winnie is affection personified. She has a foster home, thanks to a volunteer from Anjellicle Cats but needs a place to call her own. If you would like to help Winnie, go to OldCatsRule on Facebook for more information.   lizziejpg

Lizzie is an 8-year-old fluffy ball of love who “found” her human, Susan. How did this come about? Susan wrote about the way Lizzie chose her.

“Lizzie adopted me Aug 17, 2001. One evening, I had my patio door open and she walked right on in like she owned the place. I didn’t want to be mean but I’d never owned a cat before and really wasn’t wanting one. I put her back outside where she stayed on my patio for the next 2 weeks….”

Rockford, age 19. (courtesy loved Hawaii and his life with Deb so much that he allowed her to dress him up for this adorable photo. He was 19 at the time. Rockford crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago but something tell me his spirit peeks in on Deb every now and them.

Muad'Dib Che (a k a "Dibby")

Muad'Dib Che (a k a "Dibby")

“Old cat” Mu’ad Dib Che (aka “Dibby”) definitely rules the house, Randall told us. Dibby is more than 10 years old and it looks like this cool cat plans to be around for a long time.

If you have a picture of your senior feline, share it with the OldCatsRule community. Ping us here or on Twitter at OldCatsRule.



Minette was born in 1989 but she doesn’t look a day over 8. Her mom said Minette is the oldest feline in their cat family. Judging from her picture, Minette presides over the clan with grace and elegance. Thanks to Cindy for sharing this with the OldCatsRule community.

Ben is up for adoption. Contact

Ben needs a good home.

UPDATE: Ben has a home! Thanks to the folks at, Big Ben is curling up with a very nice lady in Brooklyn.

Described as “the mellowest, most easygoing sidekick you will ever have,” Ben had some rough time after his first owner died but now this so 8-year-old honey has a new person to love.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty was a grand dame who lived in New York City with artists Mark and Craig. During her 18 years, Kitty even helped her humans sell art. Some clients, immune to sales pitches, would see Miss Kitty strut by and immediately fall in love, shouting, “I’ll buy that painting!”

Miss Kitty was crusty, elegant and loving to the end. Craig later wrote about his Kit, “”The fun you have and the friends you make,” so the saying goes, is never so ominous and revealing as when the realization of the finality of that which is most loved is gone from your life…. I hope when my time comes that I feel the warmth and love from the memories of the fun I had and the friends I made. We should all hope to go so peacefully.”


Pumpkin the cat.

Pumpkin loved to hug his human, June, and play fetch. But Pumpkin also kept a sharp eye on his kingdom. One time, Pumpkin — out of nowhere — began banging on the blinds and wouldn’t stop. Turns out someone broke into a neighbor’s van. After 14 years, Pumpkin went to the Rainbow Bridge, however, he left quite a mark while he was here.

Contact for more information.



Pumpkin is about 12 and doesn’t like to wait for his dinner. If you have a picture of your senior feline, share it with the OldCatsRule community. Ping us here on Twitter, or Facebook at OldCatsRule. Cats are like a fine wine — they get better with age. (Not dissing the kittens, we simply appreciate the benefits that come with maturity).

bleysBleys obviously likes Macs. (Well, we didn’t think cats would care for PCs.) Bleys is the 21-year-old “furkid” of los_gatos_malos, who Twittered us about Bleys. Los_gatos_malos couldn’t have said it better when she wrote that “old cats rule.”

If you have a picture of your senior feline, share it with the OldCatsRule community. Ping us here or on Twitter at OldCatsRule.

Mishoo ll

Mishoo II

Mishoo II (his family affectionately called him Mishoo Due ) packed a lot of living into his 13 years. He was a hunter who came from Burma — literally. He sometimes killed scary snakes in the yard.

On his way from Burma to the United States, Mishoo visited Prague where he briefly “ran away” into the basement of the neighboring building.

Mishoo was jet black with a patch of white fur on his belly — and quite friendly. If cats talked to humans, Mishoo would have told some amazing tales.

Thanks to Arun for sharing Mishoo’s story.

Eddie takes a meal break.

Eddie takes a meal break.

Ahhhh…. the paws that refreshes. Here’s Eddie with his face in a bowl of milk. This was taken in March, so was still cold enough for him to have his shirt on. He turned 19 in May. Once again, Sile-Muirin is the proud parent of the Cat of the Day — and earns a special shoutout for taking such great care of two senior cats.



Sinatra turned 12 years old in March. She looks so calm and regal. Thanks, Sile-Muirin for sharing this with us. Show off your senior cat. You’re entitled to a little parental bragging, especiall when you and your feline companion have taken care of each other for so long. Ping us on Twitter at OldCatsRule or leave us a note on the blog.

Chyron the cat.

Chyron the cat.

She looks a little sad here but sweet, petite Chyron is quite the mature lady. She’s about 12 years old and has come a long way from her days on the streets of Staten Island. Although Chyron is usually nervous in new situations, she was amazingly calm during a brief stay on Staten Island. It was almost like she remembered her home.



Ghanem was believed to be 22 years old when he passed away. Sweet, petite and very loved by Trish, who rescued him from the streets of New Jersey. He was tiny but had a big heart and certainly didn’t look his age. RIP, buddy.

an "angel with wings."

an "angel with wings."

Bandit is an “angel with wings,” in the words of his human, Janice.  He is waiting for Janice at the Rainbow Bridge.  She got him when he was five weeks old and he lived to be 11 years & and 5 mos.  He had CRF and cancer.  Janice called him her soulmate and greatest friend.  For her, life isn’t the same without him, but his memory lives on.



Sammy is not an old cat, just experienced, said her human!  They don’t know exactly how old she is. Sammy was adopted in February 2003 and the shelter estimated her at about 5 years then.  She is the sweetest little thing. Thanks, Gabbycat — and from this picture of Sammy, I’d say she doesn’t look a day over 3.


12 responses to “Cat of the Day

  1. My cats LOVE PCs 🙂 Toto likes to sleep on them. Jasper likes to watch YouTube videos of other cats on them. Both of them like that PCs are why mommy can afford to buy them premium people-grade cat food 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for featuring Pumpkin as the Cat of the Day. I know he is looking down and is very proud his mommy is honoring his memory.


  3. It’s heartwarming to read of how these animals came into lives and our hearts. I had a cat named Mitzi for 20 years who brought so much joy into my home. Since her passing I have gotten involved with fostering cats and kittens and with a rescue group and local shelter. It makes me appreciate her all the more for having been in my life for so many years.

  4. Becky Carr

    Very much enjoyed this blog! We have 2 all-white sister cats named Springer and Softail who are probably 9 or 10 years old now. They fuss with each other and get on each other’s nerves sometimes, but other times they cuddle together sleeping and licking each other in the sweetest way! There is white hair on everything in the house and my husband gets frustrated with all the hair, but we love them dearly.

    My daughter rescued them as tiny kittens from abandonment in a box in the Pizza Hut parking lot in Richardson, TX. She asked if we wanted them (knowing I love cats and have had several who’ve passed away). Of course, I said “yes” but my husband said “no way”, that he was happy not to empty litter boxes anymore. Well, she brought them over anyway at my instruction and put them in the hall bathroom while Bruce was out. By the time I got home from work, I knew Bruce was there and worried about his reaction. I entered the door and didn’t see him so I went straight to the hall bath and discovered Bruce on the floor with the 2 kittens in his arms sleeping. It was the cutest sight ever. He looked up at me with the grin of a new parent and that was it…the kittens were staying! And he had named them after his favorite Harley bike!

    Springer and Softail are precious to us and we hope they live a long time!

    Bruce and Becky
    Garland, TX

    • oldcatsrule


      Thanks for sharing the story of Springer and Softail — they sound wonderful. They know they have a good life thanks to you and Bruce. As for cat hair, all I can say is that it may give you license to wear a lot of white. 😀

      I glad you like the blog and hope Springer and Softail will bring you joy for a long time.

  5. keri bo beri

    thank you for giving props to my pretty girl brindle!
    she is the sweetest girl ever!!


  6. AngiePussie

    I have just discovered this fantastic website and I’m so glad to have found you all! What beautiful felines, one and all..I know how very special they all are or were in our lives..I’m owned by Vincent (Lord Vincent as he like to be known on his fussier days!) who is 17 years old and we’ve had his pleasure since he was just 12 weeks old..we feel honoured every day to have this amazing cat with his fantastic character in our lives. He’s seen quite a few siblings come and go in that time and helped each of us through both happy and terribly sad, low times too..he seems to have an instinct for protecting us in times of need despite being quite aloof and my most vivid memory of him (there are so many!) is when I was involved in a near fatal motorbike accident 5 years ago and I broke my leg needing a plate in it. I was given very strong opiate based painkillers and after a few days these would make me violently sick although they night I struggled out of my room and wobbled on my crutches to the toilet – not in a good way at all – Vincent was beside me immediately, carefully following my swaying form and he sat beside me as I was ill, waiting patiently till I was finished, then followed me right back to
    my room and stayed by my side for the next 4 months til I was better enough to use a walking stick, then walk unaided and say goodbye to the painkillers. I KNOW cats have a very special connection with ourselves and whatever the other side brings..and you will never see this more evident than in a senior feline…Old Boys and Girls Everywhere, I salute and thank you!xA

    • oldcatsrule


      Welcome to the OldCatsRule community. Lord Vincent and the bond you share is one of the many reasons that old cats rule. My Bubba is 21 and a half and I feel lucky every day he is here.


      • AngiePussie

        Thank you for that! I’ve seen that lovely picture of Bubba and he looks like he’s got quite some time more ruling the roost yet! Lots of love from us all in the UK!xA

  7. I shall have to try to get a picture of my master.Sir Twinky is A black as night old man cat with a dozen white hairs on his chest where the “filling” was put in so my youngest named him Twinky.Old three fang as he’s know on a blog I pened is getting a little scruffy in his 10 plus years but he still has an unyeilding affection for his pet human.The blog is called Saturday Morning Silliness(you have been warned) and can be found at my blog here on WP…Thecatsman’s Blog…no less.

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