About Us

OldCatsRule celebrates the joy of life with senior cats. It is also a place to grieve when they are gone without forgetting the lessons they teach us about embracing the day and savoring life’s simple pleasures and privileges.

We are not veterinarians so we do not offer medical advice, merely a place to share your stories and ideas.

Although we focus on cats, all animal lovers are welcome to join the conversation. I have three cats and one of them, Bubba, is 21 and-a-half years old. We have been through a lot together and this is my small way of trying to repay him.

We’re still very much under construction. If you have questions, or want to share your stories, leave a comment or contact us on Twitter at OldCatsRule.

In real life, I’m an editor and producer who was laid off several months ago. As I try to build up OldCatsRule, I am also scouring cyberspace for full-time work. The economy stinks so I’m not too proud to say, if you have job leads, ping away. Bubba needs food and shelter.

Stories and links related to OldCatsRule

New York Daily News

Bubba on Good Day LIVE Online (search for the October 1 show)

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23 responses to “About Us

  1. Great site! I already sent the cat-in-a-sleeve video to several people …

  2. I just found you because of the site the birds made. 😉 *bump*. Welcome!

  3. What a great website! Some people have a tough time accepting that their pets are eventually going to age. I’ve not seen a website specifically for older cats, so this is a great resource.

  4. great site! wish i would have found it before my rags died. he was 19.5 years old. i have a website about ragdoll cats and would love to feature your blog on the site. are you interested in writing a guest post that i can feature on the site?

    • oldcatsrule

      Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for the kind words. Your Rags would be proud of you — and you obviously took very good care of him.

      I would be honored to have the blog featured on your site and would be happy to write a guest post.

  5. Hi, My Kat has a web site hurr-seff to keep contact with other kats. Here it is:


    She said she would appreciate you putting her site in your listings.

    Thank You,
    Furry’s Dad-Kat

  6. I have tried to DM you on Twitter, but to no avail. Any chance you could just e-mail me (at the address I listed above), so we could get that guest post in order? Thanks, Jenny

  7. Hi OCR,
    I have a darling older cat I was fostering but have to find a home for her because of allergies and personality clash with my resident cat.
    Is there a forum here I can post an ad for her?
    Thanks much.

  8. Hi!
    Doc Truli checking in with Old Cats Rule. I love your blog and can’t wait until you get back at it.
    I wanted to let you know the VirtuaVet.wordpress.com link on the right sidebar isn’t linked for your readers’ convenience.
    Doc Truli

    • oldcatsrule

      Hi Doc,

      Thank you so much. I decided to suspend the blog for a while. The stress of not being able to find a job is taking its toll. When things gets better, I expect the blog to return.


  9. Renée

    Love the site!! Unfortunately, I am leaving a comment in hopes that someone out there can help make a miracle happen. I have 2 loving, 11 year old sister cats that need to be adopted 😦 my ex-husband and I had them since they were kittens, but unfortunately, he can no longer provide them with the quality of life that they deserve and my own situation will not allow me to take them either. We are devastated that we have to give them up, but we also know that there is a wonderful loving couple or family out there waiting to adopt them and care for them in their golden years. They are truly remarkable cats and will win over the hearts of those that adopt them. They have never been separated or have lived with other pets so we are hoping to find a home for the two of them together as the only pets in the home. Thank you!!

  10. You’re the best Gina. My little Hoshi will be old one day, she turns 3 on June 1st, maybe she can be the cover model for Old Cats Rule…..??

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