The Cutest Senior Cat Contest 2011

We’re baaaaack.

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, so to honor our furry elders, we will have OCR’s third annual Cutest Senior Cat Contest. It’s an “American Idol” for cats — without the comments from Simon or Paula. It’s simple, fun and best of all, the top cat wins coupons for six months’ worth of World’s Best Cat Litter. The winner will have their choice of regular, clumping or scented formula. And that’s not all… we decided to do coupons, so our friends in Canada can take part. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

To join in the fun, simply upload a photo of your senior cat (age 8 and older) and include their name and age. OCR’s community will vote for the feline who embodies the cat-itude that makes seniors so very special. Remember, it is important to include all the information on the form and your cat’s age. Cats that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge are also eligible. You can submit an entry from November 1 to 14; voting will be from the 15th to 22nd and the winner will be announced on November 29th.

While we love puppies and kittens, this contest is one small way the get the word out that seniors have so much love and wisdom (yes, wisdom) to offer. This will be the first year I’ve done the contest without Bubba, the inspiration for OCR. Although he lives on through OCR’s wonderful community and my memories, this year’s contest is specially dedicated to him.



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2 responses to “The Cutest Senior Cat Contest 2011

  1. Wish I’d found this in November! My little Vixen is 23 & is starting to show signs that this may have been her last November. She’s my little wonder girl, and likes to lie in her bed underneath my desk with her front paws crossed.

  2. Hard to believe, we lost our Angel (22) and Casey (21) 3 years ago..The oldest in our herd now is salem, only 12…Hoping he has many more years..the rest of the herd range from 7 months to 10

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