Guest Post: Diary of a Male Cat-Whisperer

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from OCR fan Damun Vidoz, who is proof-positive that real men love cats. We’re pleased that he agreed to share his cat tales (tails?). Damun refused to let allergies get in the way of loving cats — and communicating with them. Both man and animal knew each had something to offer that would enrich their lives. Enjoy Damun’s story.

Spooky is a cool cat curled up in the sink.

I think I was about 7-8 years old… despite being highly allergic to cats – I always loved them.  I would spend hours in the alleys around my neighbourhood looking for cats… playing with them, feeding them, etc… then I would run home, my eye’s almost swollen shut and my throat so sore that it hurt to breathe.

So many times, I would rescue a kitty and bring him or her home… only to have to give it up because of my allergies and my father’s wife just plain hated cats. (Her story is something else all together… that really has nothing to do with this other than because she hated cats – I loved them all the more)…

Luckily, I did outgrow my allergies to cats…and I discovered that I understood them.  I learned to mimic their meows.  I would see a feral kitty and call to it… it would meow at me… and I would meow back, trying my hardest to mimic the exact tone and cadence.  Then I would sit down and continue to meow… eventually, the kitty would come over and I would give it some treats.

It was bad enough that I was different, (the only Latino kid in a basically Irish/Italian/German/Scandinavian/Greek neighborhood), but now the “weird” kid can speak to cats… I won’t even go into the scandal when I came out as gay!  LMAO!!!

There's nothing like a little brotherly bonding.

All I know is, cats, dogs, birds, squirrels, etc… even the forest creatures never feared me… they are attracted to me if anything.  Even human children … I could be with a friend at a mall, while they’re off trying clothes or shoes or whatever… and children just come right up to me wanting to play!  I think it’s cute, but I always find myself looking for the parents!   How could you let your kid go up to a complete stranger!  The parent or parents are always apologetic, and I just tell them it’s not a problem, I was just concerned as to where the parent(s) were.

Anyway…I turned 18, moved out, went to college, etc, etc… and always had a cat since and always a rescue. Almost every cat I ever had was female… then I lived with a male, an adorable black kitty named Neo, whose human was always traveling and going away for long periods of time.  Until I came by, Neo was always left in a kennel or boarded… He truly appreciated my presence and we became the best of friends.  I was accused of making him “needy.”  All I did was give him love, when all he knew was emotional neglect, though well provided for otherwise.

Boo and the birthday dinner.

Fast forward to now… a middle-aged, 44-year-old gay man who lives alone with his cats.  LOL!!! My neighbors call me the cat man.  Because I’m always out in the courtyard or alley “talking” to the cats… feeding them, capturing them when I can so they can get their shots and be spayed or neutered then I release them back to the alley… they’ve all done this well on their own so far… they really don’t trust or like other humans, (except me), and I always take care of them regardless of the weather.

Even my neighbors are now helping… (thanks to a blessedly rodent-free building)… they help me feed and water them, let me know if any newbies have suddenly appeared, kittens born, etc… Even the building superintendent is in on it… when it gets bitterly cold, he lets them into the basement so they can be warm… when it’s extremely hot, the neighbours and I leave them bowls of ice in areas that are always shaded so they can stay cool.

So that’s my story… the short version.

For pics of my current babies… Boo and Spooky, please click here… It’s a public link.  You don’t need to belong to Facebook to see it.

For my fun group on Facebook, just click here… ~Ҝitteh =^..^= Armageddon~ We have a ton of fun here while plotting World Domination! Actually, it’s just a place for animal & pet lovers to share links to groups like this, photos, videos, stories, help with lost / found pets, adoptions and fostering and other fun stuff! All are welcome – We don’t discriminate!



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6 responses to “Guest Post: Diary of a Male Cat-Whisperer

  1. Damun, good for you that your love for felines translates into getting outdoor cats fixed – that is the best thing one can do for the cat overpopulation. Loved reading your frank account of your love for my favorite animal on the planet. Thank you!

  2. Ihavecat

    nice job Gina! you networker you – i didn’t even THINK to ask Damun to guest post! My loss is your gain my friend! i will gladly promote this post!

    • oldcatsrule

      thank you, ms. wheeler-dealer. you made the score of the IHC-OCR meetup by getting that print. well done.

  3. elaine lively

    wow, this guy has a natural affinity for animals!( and kids) bless him for all he does for the strays..

  4. Tamara

    Oh how precious. He serves his feline overlords very well. Keep fighting the good fight my man for all cat lovers everywhere.

  5. Agree with Leslie, getting them fixed is important. I live in an area with tons of strays and let me tell you, they are born into terrible living conditions.

    In the winter you can hear them cry when it gets really cold and they fight ALL THE TIME. You see guys walking around with pieces of their ear missing and all kinds of wounds. Sad stuff, and it is important to keep too many new kittens from being born into that.

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