Commentary: 19-Year-Old ‘Attack’ Cat

Tiger the "killer" cat./courtesy

It was the snickering heard ’round the world.

An elderly woman’s cat frightened postal workers so much that they boycotted her home. The killer kitty in question is Tiger, a 19-year-old that lives in Great Britain and reportedly loves to sleep and drool.

Tiger’s sudden infamy makes me wonder about a people tough enough to survive German bombs. To think a geriatric furball could rattle their cage that much is beyond ridiculous — but there is an upside. It gives cats a twisted parity with dogs as a nemesis to mail carriers.

Tiger lives with Tracy Brayshaw – and her daughter admits Tiger likes to pounce on unsuspecting humans. Damn, who wouldn’t like to be that spry when they reach Tiger’s age?

“Apparently he attacked one postman on the leg and on the arm and chased him down the garden path. He is very territorial but he’s just an average cat really. We are all saying it’s health and safety gone mad.

“He wakes up in the middle of the night meowing because he just wants some attention. He’s not a monster,” Amy Brayshaw told the BBC.

To me this sounds like Tiger is an old cat that’s fine so long as his world is not upended with distractions from a quiet retirement. Tiger may well be little like a cranky old man who has little love for the world and wants to live his remaining days in peace. He’s fine with his family and has issues with everyone else and he may have a touch of kitty Alzheimer’s. Or he could simply be a great watch cat. But vicious? Puleeze.

Memo to postal workers in Leeds: a little water pistol may be all the protection you need. Isn’t that so much easier than dealing with large, barking dogs that could do some real damage?

After I finished laughing at the tale of the Tiger, I realized he is proof that senior cats have plenty of life in them . To paraphrase a cliche: old cats have may snow on their “roofs” but there’s fire in the furnace. Meowza.




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5 responses to “Commentary: 19-Year-Old ‘Attack’ Cat

  1. Ihavecat

    well done! I have been wondering what all the fuss is about!

  2. Maine Kitten (Sarah)

    I think this is an excellent commentary (I voted). I also think that Tiger is a true inspiration! WTG Tiger! These postal and other service folks are over-reacting. A few months ago, a postal worker in ME pepper-sprayed a lap dog and the little girl who owned doggie, when she tried to rescue her dog from the letter carrier! Ridiculous. What is wrong with this world, when little pets and children are at risk, because of over-anxious people like this? If they are that scared, they are in the wrong professions. I think they should take a “chill pill”! Again, WTG Tiger!

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