What I Learned from My Senior Cat

Bubba: the Energizer Cat

It’s been said that baby animals are cute so people would want to take care of them. We should cherish senior animals because they teach us to see the beauty of life — especially when you have more days behind you than ahead of you.

Some seniors have endured unspeakable hardship, yet they can be the most loving and loyal companions. They will greet you with purring and head butts and instinctively know when you need their comfort. All they ask in return is food, shelter, kindness and care.  Kittens stumbling around as they explore a new world is always delightful to watch, however, that passion will mature into wisdom can be be conveyed with blinking eyes — and a gentle paw on their human’s cheek.

Of course, lots of senior cats have reserves of energy that leave you shaking your head with amusement. When Stanni and Chyron chase each other around the apartment, it is the human equivalent of watching two grandmothers go at it with the energy of a Three Stooges head-bonking fest.

Bubba will watch them carry on with a look that seems to say, “Geez, women!”

He is also the leader of the pack. The girls want to please him and I want him to purr 24/7. Bubba is usually the first sight I see upon waking. With a meow (and a quick bat of the paw if he is hungry) and hug, he is always eager to greet the new day. I wish I could have his upbeat outlook. Amid his TV time, noshing and grooming, Bubba always makes time for family. Every day he spends time nestled with 13-year-old Chyron. They hug, kiss and I swear Bubba tries to reassure this ever-edgy calico that she is loved. As for Stanni, Bubba loves her but regards this 9-year-old as a bit of a brat. So he does a daily check-in with Stanni that consists of nuzzling and a little mutual grooming. Watching the two of them, I think Stanni seems to work awfully hard to earn his approval by flirting and rolling around. He appreciates it without getting silly.

Bubba is well past 100 in human years but his spirit is young. He has no time for cranky howling or hissing. There is too much fun to be had and too much love to give and receive.

Someday, I hope to be just like Bubba.



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8 responses to “What I Learned from My Senior Cat

  1. Ihavecat

    What a lovely piece Gina. I will be sure to share on FB. Well said all around. I think older cats are real gems!

  2. elaine lively

    i love this piece, i have a senior citizen cat too, and i am giving him extra attention these days..

  3. I have such a “thing” for older cats. The 2 that I have now are young (4 and 8) but I have adopted cats that are 12-14 years old and have gotten so much joy from them. I also love meeting new charges who are senior and geriatric – it warms my heart and I have so much respect for them!!

    Beautiful post.

  4. dainty

    I really enjoyed this and am happy I found this through fb ^^ I hope Bubba will bring many more years of joy to your lives

    • oldcatsrule

      Thank you so much, and I hope you, too, will have a lot of happiness now and in the future. Whether or not you’re a Facebook fan, we appreciate the support.

  5. Aww… what a great story! My oldest cat is nearly 13, and the most stubborn, sweet cat I’ve ever met. He helps me with foster cats – 18 kitters and 6 adults to date – and never lets me forget that 7:00pm is gooshy food time!

    • oldcatsrule

      Thanks so much, Melissa. It’s amazing how these creature can give so much love and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

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