Fat Cats, Fun and the Scary Truth

courtesy catinfo.org

Once upon a time, Bubba tipped the scales at nearly 24 pounds. He is now diabetic and about 14 pounds. Hardly a bag of bones but the obesity that defined Bubba’s middle years means he must patiently endure daily shots of insulin for the rest of his life.

He was so huge at one point two burly Russian movers nearly dropped a dressing in fear. One waved a massive finger in Bubba’s direction and asked, “Dog… or cat?”

Fat cats are cute, funny and great for cuddling but like humans they pay the price.

I came across a video on YouTube that makes a point — without lecturing.

Watch the video

OK, you’ve had a giggle, now click on this chart for a guide to skinny, fat, fatter and life-threatening fat. Also click on some of the resources on this page for more information.



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2 responses to “Fat Cats, Fun and the Scary Truth

  1. Weight management foods generally do not help with weight loss or health, as they have fillers as opposed to healthy, fresh ingredients.

    I ask anyone who needs to help their pet lose weight to try canned food or raw food, even if it’s commercial frozen raw food. These foods are LOW in carbs and high in moisture, and have no filler grains, which is what makes some pets fat.

  2. This is why I have spent alot of time and money developing this user/pet friendly scale at http://www.petfitnation.com . It is such a tragedy for a pet to live like this and this scale prevents such tragedy.

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