Cats and Human Baby Talk

Jupiter has a lot of say.

Cats tolerate their humans because it is easier for the two-legged ones to supply food and shelter. After all, why should kitty scuff its paws hunting mice when a nice bowl of Fancy Feast awaits? Don’t get me wrong, cats appreciate and love their humans — but damn, it is annoying when they start with the baby talk.

Jupiter T. Cat stoically tolerates his human’s nonsense as you will see in this YouTube classic.

Watch the video

Here is Jupiter’s response to his newfound Internet stardom.

Watch the video

Is your cat a talker? Sure you can talk about your furball all day but it is a rare cat that will design to carry on a conversation with a silly human. If your cat talks we want to know what they say? Ping us on the blog or become a Facebook fan of OldCatsRule.

I have to go now because Bubba just said something about food.


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