The Internet is Made of Cats

Cats rule the Internet -- but you already knew that./courtesy

Dogs don’t Twitter and they don’t head multimillion-dollar media empires a la Sockington. Therefore, the folks at composed an educational ditty about cats and the Internet.

However, most feline fanatics know cats are attracted to the computer screen, especially if you are typing away and ignoring them. But being curious, they wanted to find out what was so bloody fascinating — and lo and behold, the Internet was made of cats.

Click here to watch the video.



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5 responses to “The Internet is Made of Cats

  1. I have a set of claws in my leg right now to testify to the truthfulness of this.

  2. OMC!!! That was hilarious! I can’t wait to show it around. … very catchy! I think Katie’s getting in the groove.

    Thanks for joining us on Facebook!


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