Cat in a Suitcase

Kitty can dream of traveling the world without leaving home in these whimsical pet beds./courtesy Mother Nature Network

The normal mode of travel for cats is a plastic carrier that can induce yowls of fear from your furry friend. Cats, while curious, are generally not road warriors. But you can make a suitcase your cat’s new crib — without disrupting their world.

Lovenostaglicwhimsy is an Etsy seller that transforms vintage suitcases into cute pet beds. Prices run from $55 to $75, but if you can afford it, this is a unique way to give your cat a bed with character.

The vintage suitcases come from thrift stores, so you are recycling in the name of fashion and your cat.

The beds make me smile, however, I have only quibble: the legs might prove a challenge for senior pets with arthritis. Perhaps Lovenostaglicwhimsy might consider making some models with lower legs?



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2 responses to “Cat in a Suitcase

  1. That is so cute… I would sleep in one if I could fit. I may get a cat just so I can have a bed for him like this!

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