Pet Food Banks and Banking on Hope

Editor’s Note: After reading OCR’s pet food bank post, One of our Facebook friends sent us a coupon for free Halo cat food. You have to sign up for their newsletter but when it comes to free food — sign us up.

Meadow. (courtesy Flickr/The Biscuit Fund)

I’ve been unemployed for 7 months and one of my biggest worries is providing for my three senior cats and praying we stay together. For most jobless folks, an unemployment check does not cover basic expenses — and pet food is a basic in this household.

Thankfully, animal lovers are trying to help with soup kitchens for pets. Recently, a charity in Germany started handing out free food and advice to financially strapped pet owners.

In the United States, several ad hoc pet food banks have sprung up, however, they are also strapped for space and resources as the demand far exceeds the supply. This can be a particular problem for those who live with senior cars because those felines may have special dietary requirements. (Forget about medicine!)

Pets can friends, family, social support rolled into one furry package. To lose that only widens the scope of devastation that has been the Great Recession. I have not visited a pet food bank — but that day is approaching.

Below are a few resources for pet owners in need.

The Pet Food Bank

Save Our Pets Food Bank

Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen

Love Your Pet Expo

United Animal Nations

Food Bank List from



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5 responses to “Pet Food Banks and Banking on Hope

  1. pam

    I hope you find a job soon!

  2. Ihavecat

    Great post G!

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