Guest Post: Covered in Cat Hair

Editor’s Note: Today we turn OCR over to a guest blogger. Tamar is an advertising executive who grew up petless (unless you count hamsters) and now lives with two cats and an occasional foster…or two.  She was inspired to start her blog “I HAVE CAT” – about the trials and tribulations of a single woman living in New York City with cat(s) – when she found herself attempting to give her cat a foot soak late one Friday evening. Topless.

Don't let the warm fuzzies become fuzzy clothing.

I am a single female Manhattan, and I have cat(s). Having a cat is not exactly a dirty little secret. But still. People talk. People shake their heads and warn I’ll NEVER again have good furniture or a man. I refuse to fall prey to the “cat lady” stereotype.

It’s one thing to overcome the “cat lady” stereotype once you meet someone and they find out you have cats. But what if they can tell you have cats before they even meet you?

Is there a cat owner alive who regrets not buying stock in lint rollers?

A few years ago I was on an escalator with a girlfriend of mine when she pointed to the older woman ahead of us and said, “That’s going to be you.”  The woman’s back, from beret to corduroys, was covered in light grey fuzz.  It wasn’t mohair. She had cat(s).  It wasn’t a good look and I knew immediately this was a fate I had to avoid at all costs. It was then that I committed myself to waging an aggressive battle against an unrelenting opponent with never-ending ammunitions. Cat hair.

If you step into my closet, you may think the light has gone out. Not so. It’s just that like most Manhattanites my closet is filled with dark color clothing – serving to give my opponent an added advantage.  (As a side note, I’m convinced this dark attire is less a function of looking cool and more about concealing the city grime).

On any given morning you’re likely find me armed with a vacuum in one hand and a sticky roller in the other. I feel terrible about the environmental implications; I purchase those plastic rollers in bulk and have one in every room as well as at the office, and sometimes even in my handbag.  My cats are subjected to vigorous brushings – sometimes against their will (it’s not pretty). I’ve even been known to pop into a FedEx to use their sticky label sleeves like a mitt to de-fur en route to a client meeting.

I wear my cat-hair-free black clothing like a badge of honor. The memory of the escalator-cat-lady keeps me strong in my never-ending battle. If you passed me on the street you would never know. Even my dry-cleaner was surprised to learn I have cat(s).

As for the furniture and men – well, that’s another blog posting altogether.



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16 responses to “Guest Post: Covered in Cat Hair

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  2. Fin

    Maybe you should just get a black cat too?

  3. If my two cats are my children, then my lint roller is my husband. I swear I’m married to it. I can’t live without it. 🙂

  4. Sharon

    I don’t know how I’d get through life without lint rollers…I now take them with me when it’s time to take the kitties to the vet. (Kitties tend to shed a LOT at the vet). My cats are black with a tad of white on their tummies…but my black clothes seem to showcase both colors regardless. LOL

  5. I could write a “dog version” of this post! I have two black and white dogs and the hair, especially at this time of year with black wool coats and whatnot, seems to stick to everything. Such is life with our four legged buddies!

    • oldcatsrule

      You are more than welcome to write a dog version with opinion on which is worse: cat fur or dog hair.

      • Ihavecat

        G – you are such a good marketer! 🙂

      • oldcatsrule

        Moi? Are you talking to moi? Thanks but if that was true, I’d market myself into a job. We’ll see. Thanks again for sparking a good convo among OCRers.

    • Ihavecat

      My friend has a husky…the hair is insane! But you never hear people speak about dog hair as much as cat hair…interesting…..i think they just get cut more slack overalL!

  6. My wardrobe is quite limited. Mostly black and white. My cat is quite smart. She’s black and white too. She knows just how to get the white hair on the black clothes and the black hair on the white clothes.


  7. Mom always tries to stock up on tan colored clothes (because I am a ginger cat) but no matter what, she still has dark slacks and skirts, and there is always a cat fur problem and the need for plenty of lint-rollers. Loved your story.

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