The Cutest Senior Cat is…


The fur flew but when the meowing stopped, only one fabulous feline could emerge victorious.

America has spoken and the the winner of OldCatsRule’s first Cutest Senior Cat Contest… is Smudge!

The grand prize is a 6-month supply of World’s Best Cat Litter. You can choose Clumping or Multiple Clumping Formula. The winner will also receive our boho chic tote made exclusively for OldCatsRule by the Atomic Housewife.

Thousands voted and we heard from many more who debated the cute factor versus the wisdom of age. Some shared stories about elderly feline pals. Many simply wanted their beloved friend to have a few minutes in the spotlight. Whatever the reason, it was a fun way to extoll the virtues of senior cats. As we know, elderly animal are often overlooked — or inexplicably abandoned — in favor of their younger, fluffier counterparts. We don’t get it. The quiet, heartwarming love a senior cat can offer can be a lifesaver, for both animal and human.

So, thanks to everyone for a great response to the Cutest Senior Cat Contest. See you do next year.



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3 responses to “The Cutest Senior Cat is…

  1. I think Smudge is a beautiful choice

  2. Drew

    Yay for Smudge!

    We are so glad our litter will be going underneath your paws! Nicely done 🙂

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