Happy Holidays from OCR

The incredible Bubba.

A few months ago, OldCatsRule was just a passing thought. As 2009 enters the history books, we’re glad to be a small part of the year that was.

We still believe there is a strong community of senior cat lovers who need a voice beyond those “reasons to adopt a senior pet articles.” A hint of that audience was apparent during our Cutest Senior Cat contest and we hope to get the word out there next year.

We’ve gotten to know some of you a bit and are in awe of the lives and responsibilities you juggle with grace and humor. Trust me, your cats appreciate it, even while they are sleeping or demanding the universe.

On the human side, I’ve spent more time on Facebook than I care to admit but it has been a pleasure to talk with you. I’ve been on the receiving end of some unexpected acts of kindness and tons of support. Bubba hasn’t been too happy about all that time online, but we seem to have reached an understanding: no bellowing if he can sit on my lap while I type.

However, he’s entitled to be a diva. Bubba was the reason I started OCR, which led to this community. So thanks, Bubba. It’s quite a Christmas gift.



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3 responses to “Happy Holidays from OCR

  1. Your site is fantastic and great for us old birds – I mean cats. We hold the wisdom, as you know. Have a wonderful holiday and keep up the great work!
    Your friend, Fisher

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