Survey Tackles Cat-itude

Brindle is quite the lady.The crazy old cat lady may give way to a young guy, if you believe one survey.

Men ages 18-24 were more likely to think about adopting a cat, according to the study by The American Pet Products AssociationMorris Animal Foundation and Maddie’s Fund. On the downside, adoptions are stymied by myths and misconceptions about cats.

More than half of the non-pet owners in the survey did not have a good opinion of cats. The top issues were scratching furniture, litter-box smell, jumping on countertops and spitting up hairballs. Now any vet or animal behaviorist will tell you a lot of this can be eliminated or greatly reduced through diet and training.

As for jumping, it can be an issue but I find it hard to resist Stanni’s sweet face and purr when she leaps on the counter, looking for food — or a hug.

There are about 94 million household cats in the United States and 77 million dogs. That should say it all but apparently some people still have cat-itude about cats.

The survey found some good news for feline fans. About 22 of non-cat owners would not rule out adoption.

Where there’s life, there’s hope.


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One response to “Survey Tackles Cat-itude

  1. To be perfectly honest I grew up in a house without cats. My dad isn’t really fond of cats so we always had dogs. His main thing was jumping and that he had a backyard the dogs potty there and thats it. So Tygana is my first cat. My first cat experience was when I was young and I got scratched so I wasn’t too fond myself. My problem was I never really got to know and understand cats and once I was with Tygana that was the end. I LOVE THEM! Once you get to know a cat…you can’t not love them. I think a lot of women now a days follow trends or are too busy and the trend we’re coming off now is little lap dogs or they are very busy between work and a social life not to mention a lot of rentals dont allow cats or dogs.

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