The Cutest Senior Cat Contest Ends

Puff crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge but he is not forgotten.

The fur flew and after the kibble settled, the first Cutest Senior Cat Contest was a pawsitive success. The contest officially ends at 11:59 p.m. ET, but I wanted to congratulate all the fabulous felines that entered. You are the coolest cats and proof that age is just a number. (Oh, thanks to the humans who did the grunt work of typing and posting entries.)

We’ll announce the winner on December 28. The grand prize is a 6-month supply of World’s Best Cat Litter and a boho chic tote made exclusively for OldCatsRule by the Atomic Housewife.

The top five cats also have their own Facebook fan pages. Chances are everyone will be catnapping after the contests ends but once these cats are refreshed, you can fan them. We know we learned a lot from our cats, so who knows what words of wisdom you may glean from George Pouhler, Smudge, Sweet Praline, Brindle and Puff.

Applause all around to the OldCatsRule community and we hope to do it again next year.


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