Cutest Senior Cat Contest Adds to Grand Prize

The winner of OldCatsRule's Cutest Senior Cat Contest will also receive a 6-month supply of litter from The World's Best Cat Litter.

OldCatsRule and World’s Best Cat Litter have come together to give the winner of our Cutest Senior Cat Contest a 6-month supply of cat litter.

That’s six, 7-pound bags of litter delivered to you all at once — and you have a choice of Clumping or Multiple Clumping Formula.

World's Best Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter is the only litter made from whole-kernel corn. It’s eco-friendly, flushable and works with self-cleaning boxes. That’s pretty tough to beat. Most important — cats like it! Yes, that includes older cats. Click here to read what WBCL has to say about senior cats and their litter.

You’ll like it, too, because you will probably use less litter and get better results. That equals savings in cash and time. For more information about World’s Best Cat Litter, click here. (In case you’re wondering, the 6-month supply is based on a one-cat household).

Win this bag designed exclusively for OldCatsRule.

Don’t forget, the winner will still receive our boho chic tote — but now you — or significant other — can use that tote to carry fun stuff, safe in the knowledge you won’t have to worry about running to the store for litter for a long time.

The bag, made exclusively for OldCatsRule by the Atomic Housewife measures approximately 9 inches by 10 inches and has a long webbing strap that allows you wear it across your chest.

So you can’t say OldCatsRule doesn’t offer its community style and substance. Now there’s no reason not to enter the contest and as your friends to vote.

The contest ends December 16; the winner will be announced December 28.



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4 responses to “Cutest Senior Cat Contest Adds to Grand Prize

  1. Wowww…6 months of cat litter would be a real money saver

  2. Ihavecat

    That’s awesome! How did you get that? Did you approach them or they found you?!

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