The Cutest Senior Cat Contest: Day 3

Kara scored a basket.

If Kara (left) could talk, she’d say stop reading and vote for her on OldCatsRule’s Cutest Senior Cat Contest on Facebook.

You — and the OldCatsRule community — will vote for the winner. Think of it as “American Idol” without the cat-erwauling.

Kara scored a basket but the winner’s human will score a boho chic tote bag designed by the Atomic Housewife exclusively for OldCatsRule. The bag measures about 9 by 10 inches, has a snap closure and is made from 100 percent organic cotton.

Oh guys, don’t let the bag keep you from entering — the bag will be a good stocking stuffer for your lady.

Win this bag designed exclusively for OldCatsRule.

Next year we promise to have a “manly” prize, too.

The Cutest Senior Cat Contest runs until December 16.


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