The Cutest Senior Cat Contest: Day 2

George Pouhler

Brindle is one cute senior cat.

Bubba better not get too full of himself because there are a lot of amazing senior cats out there — and you are proving it every day by entering the Cutest Senior Cat Contest on Facebook. Bubba is not eligible to enter but your furpal could become top cat.

So far, the kitty war for first place has been between Brindle, a gorgeous torbie and between George Pouhler, a handsome black-and-white boy.

Upload a picture of your favorite feline and the OldCatsRule community will decide.

Win this bag designed exclusively for OldCatsRule.

Your cat must be at least 8 years old and it’s OK if they have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. There’s also a prize for people — a boho chic tote bag (left) made exclusively for OldCatsRule by the Atomic Housewife.

The bag measures approx. 9 inches by 10 inches and has a long webbing strap that allows you wear it across your chest, with the bag resting on your hip.

The bag has a snap closure, keeping your hands free. The bag is made from 100 percent organic cotton and proudly made in the United States.

Back to the cats and the contest… this is a chance to have some fun or give a public shoutout to your best fur pal. I’m always yammering on about Bubba, so let’s see some of the fab felines that I know are out there.

The contest ends December 16.



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2 responses to “The Cutest Senior Cat Contest: Day 2

  1. I came across this blog and read about your contest and viewed your beautiful cats. Your contest is over, but it was a cute idea.

    • oldcatsrule

      Thank you. We hope to have another contest in November. In the meantime, visit OldCatsRule’s Facebook page.

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