Computer ‘Thinks’ Like a Cat

Tygana is one of OldCatsRule's cutest senior cats -- and definitely not a computer.

Can’t figure out what goes through your cat’s brain? IBM researchers said they’ve created a supercomputer that mimics a cat’s brain. No, it doesn’t mean the computer has mice on its mind.

What scientists did was simulate a cat’s cerebral cortex and built a computer with 100,000 times more power than your average desktop. The cerebral cortex is the thinking part of the brain.

Building a computer that can “think” has been a longtime challenge. In 2006, IBM scientists simulated 40 percent of a mouse’s brain and a rat’s full brain in 2007.

This year, they  simulated 1 percent of a human’s cerebral cortex, using progressively bigger supercomputers.

The cat computer is being presented at a supercomputing conference in Portland, Ore.

Don’t worry, Robocat is not coming to a kitty condo near you. But it does sound like a really, really bad movie.



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3 responses to “Computer ‘Thinks’ Like a Cat

  1. building a computer that can think has a lot of advantage especially on scientist or even an inventor.

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