PurrEver Ranch’s Heartfelt Mission



PurrEver Ranch founder Rita Wood and one of her many friends. (courtesy PurrEverRanch/gotcats.org)

A recurring theme among people who help cats is that they don’t save the animals — the cats save them. That feeling gave birth to a sanctuary for senior felines in Tennessee.


The PurrEver Ranch began about 5 years ago to provide a safe, loving refuge for old cats to enjoy their final years with dignity and kindness. PurrEver also works with socializing feral kittens so they can be adopted. At the other end of the spectrum, the ranch offers shelter to abused and unwanted cats.

Their stated goal is to “adopt the unadoptable” and socialize all cats at the ranch, despite their prior history.

According to founder Rita Wood, the ranch became a reality when a shelter cat — set to be euthanized — waved a paw at her as if pleading for help.

If you look at some of the cats on Wood’s site, you will see the knowing eyes of felines that have lived wisely, if not always well. Sure, the memories of past hurts practically leap off the page but there is also peace and the desire to love and be loved.

We don’t know how many cats live at the ranch but Wood wrote that she is their sole caretaker. Wood also lectures about ways to prevent animal cruelty and neglect.

The PurrEver Ranch states that it relies solely on donations and does not accept government subsidies.





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