Senior Pets for Seniors

Photo 1

This is Bubba my CFM (chief feline muse).

November is Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month and is celebrating it with Seniors for Seniors. This adoption fair will match senior citizens with their feline counterparts. The fair will be held Nov. 14-15 in New York City.

Human and cat offer each other wisdom and kindness forged through experience and a simple longing to love and be loved.

Tons of studies have proven how pets can lower blood pressure, engage senior citizens in living and improve their mental acuity. (Hey, pets can do that for people at every age).

Senior cats will generally have a caring, calm home and won’t be shy about showing their appreciation. In my experience, it seems as though older cats know they have a second chance and are often more affectionate than their younger cousins.

I can tell you that Bubba may be 21-and-a-half years old but he has a young heart and spirit.

Older cats have been there and done that but  so many of them still seize the simple joys of the day in a way that many of us should emulate.

Seniors for Seniors will be held Nov. 14-15 from 1 to 6 p.m. at KittyKind’s adoption center at Petco, 17th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

Editor’s Note: Do you have a story about a senior citizen and an older cat? Share it with us at OldCatsRule.



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3 responses to “Senior Pets for Seniors

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  2. Everycat

    Hello Bubba, you are a very handsome saucepot of a cat and a most excellent ambassador for senior cats everywhere!

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