Halloween and Black Cats

Black cats have inspired and irritated people for centuries.A lot of humane societies suspend black-cat adoptions around Halloween — with good reason. We won’t go into some of sick and dumb things people do but it’s enough to say that it makes us wonder who are the real dumb animals.

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that the cat — especially black ones — has quite a history. So on the even of Halloween, OldCatsRule wants to remind people that cats are part of plenty of good superstitions.

Forget that nonsense about black cats and bad luck. Did you know that the British and Japanese think black cat crossing your path brings luck?

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Many people know that cats were revered as gods in ancient Egypt. (smart people, heck we still can’t figure out how they built the pyramids.) The Romans also recognized felines as superior animals.

Kitty could even add to a household’s kitty, according to French peasants. They believed that if you found an intersection where five roads connected and turn a black cat loose, the cat would lead them to buried treasure.

Scottish folklore holds that a black cat appearing on your porch is a sign prosperity will follow.

Here’s one bit of folklore I love: having a black cat greet you at the door will bring luck. To that I say, “Thanks Bubba, for 21 good  years.”

Wikipedia: Black cats in popular culture



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