October 29 is National Cat Day



courtesy Flickr.com/Alice in loveland

Every day is cat day in my home. But Thursday, October 29 is National Cat Day.

Read More About National Cat Day

Animal guru Colleen Paige created the day to raise awareness about the importance of rescuing animals. The day also highlights the pleasure and good cats bring to our world.

Some people give cats a bad rap because they can’t bark or herd sheep. Heck, we know cats can be just as social as dogs and work just as hard keeping their humans safe and loved.

Organizers are aiming high this year: they hope to see 10,000 shelter cats adopted on October 29. We’re rooting for them.

OldCatsRule would love to hear how you will honor your feline friend. (Yes, we know you cherish them every day).



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2 responses to “October 29 is National Cat Day

  1. I think every day is National Cat Day in my household (or at least it seems that way…)

  2. Gina K. Callaghan

    Cats think it is this country is the United States of Felines — not that’s there’s anything wrong with that.

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