Cat Pried from SUV Engine



The old cliche of firefighters recusing a cat stuck in a tree took a 21st century twist Monday when New York City police officers pulled a cat from the innards of an SUV.

It happened on Arthur Avenue in The Bronx. The cat was stuck in the engine of a 2005 Nissan Murano.

No one knows how it got there. The car’s owners told police that he had driven about 2 miles before realizing something was wrong.

Two detectives freed the cat from the engine block.

The cat was in good condition at Animal Care and Control.



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2 responses to “Cat Pried from SUV Engine

  1. tamcalinyc

    awwww I bet the little guy was cold and looking for warmth…glad he/she is ok.

  2. Gina K. Callaghan

    definitely. it gives new meaning to a purring engine.

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