Diamonds and Your Cat’s Ashes

(courtesy theappraiserlady/Flickr)

(courtesy: theappraiserlady/Flickr)

When your senior cat is gone the memories stay in your heart. Sometimes, they also stay in an urn or sewn in a stuffed animal.

A new-ish trend would keep some memories in a jewelry box. is one company that can create a diamond from ashes or carbon extracted from hair or fur.

The carbon and a seed diamond are placed in a pressurized incubator to create a, er, gem, or a memorial. (Sorry, we couldn’t let this go without one lame pun). The process takes about 2 months, according to the company’s Web site.

Prices start around $2,000, so it’s not cheap, however, it is an option for some people. Heck, I’ve thought about it but have mixed feelings.

You can literally keep your cat close to your heart; on the other hand, it would be difficult to look at that bauble without a tinge of sadness and a desire to hold the cat. And if someone stole the diamond, how much would that sucks?

For more information about DNA2Diamonds, click on the link below.


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