Pets As Art: Beyond the Velvet Portraits

Halemaumau, age 14. (courtesy

Halemaumau, age 14. (courtesy

When I was young, the back pages of comic books often ran ads for posters wide-eyed cats printed on velvet. Pets were not a part of my childhood but I always wanted one, so I would look at those strange, colorful pictures and fantasize.

Many years and a few cats later, my pet “art” consists of a few peeling Polaroids and blurry shots from a camera phone.

I have a new respect for pet portraits, thanks to

Photographer Deb McGuire is the creative force behind these pictures that elevate pet photos from awwww to oooooh.  It’s a nice blend of artistry with a glimpse into  an animal’s soul.

After years of selling photo stock and photographing pets part-time McGuire opened her business last year. Success  followed quickly, thanks to a lot hard work — and discerning pet owners.

Rockford, age 19. (courtesy

Rockford, age 19. (courtesy

She said the subject of elderly cats is dear to her heart because her shared her life with Rockford, a grumpy but loveable cat who lived to be 19.

McGuire’s site states that animals are her passion and that photographing then is a “privilege.”

We’re privileged to see the results — and leave the velvet for jackets.


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  1. These are so cute… reminds me of a “photo shoot” I attempted when I was about 14 with my cats and stuffed animals!

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