Bubba Was Ready for His Closeup

Bubba and OldCatsRule were on Good Day LIVE Online this morning. Bubba, who is diabetic, was a model patient as Manhattan veterinaran Dr. Dan Lauridia demonstrates how to give a needle to a cat.

(The segments hit about 10:35-10:40)

Watch the show.



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4 responses to “Bubba Was Ready for His Closeup

  1. My 9-year-old cat is also diabetic. She has been for the last 5 years. How long has Bubba been diabetic? Have you seen any improvements over time? Ember seems to need less insulin as the years go by.

    • oldcatsrule

      I am glad your cat needs less insulin. Alas, Bubba seems to need more.

      Bubba was diagnosed in February, and while his blood sugar is still high, he has stopped losing weight.

      Thanks for writing.

      • It’s a great sign that Bubba has stopped losing weight! You’re on your way! Sometimes it takes a while to stabilize the levels. It took over 8 very scary months with Ember, and she got so thin and ill I was sure I’d lose her. But once the weightloss stopped, the sugar levels got much better over the next little while.

      • oldcatsrule

        Ember is lucky to have such a good cat mom. And I’m touched by your interest in Bubba. It is great he stopped losing weight — now I just wish his blood sugar levels would drop. They have stabilized at a high levels. However, he is such a sturdy, feisty guy no one believes he is 21. The only clue: his two white whiskers.


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