Microchipping Your Pet

(courtesy tabbysplace.org)

(courtesy tabbysplace.org)

A few years ago, I rented a house and it was lovely. Except for the night Stanni ran out the front door. My search was brief and successful; the scaredy-cat from the city was hiding under a car. The worst part was getting her back inside because the poor thing had never seen the great suburban outdoors. She clinged to gravel, tires and gates.

But what if Stanni wasn’t cowering under a nearby car? What if she had run off? She is 8 years old, so running off isn’t just something happens with kittens.

That’s when importance of microchipping hits home. Mirochipping your pet is a smart move, no matter where you live.

The heartache and stress of a lost pet can be be prevented with the chip.

Local humane societies and shelters will often microchip animals for a nominal cost. Recent, we wrote about Tabbysplace.org, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, N.J. On Saturday, Oct. 3, Tabbysplace is hosting a pet fair that included a blessing of the animals, advice from a feline behaviorist, pet portraits — and microchippng.

It costs $39.99 to chip your cat. Consider the cost an investment in your peace of mind and your cat’s safety.

Earlier coverage: Tabby’s Place: A Loving Home for Last-Chance Cats


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