Tabby’s Place: A Loving Home for Last-Chance Cats

One of the "suites" at Tabby's Place.

One of the "suites" at Tabby's Place. (courtesy

Old, sick and handicapped cats have a place where they can feel love and fresh air along with care — and accommodations that their younger counterparts might envy. Tabby’s Place is a sanctuary in Ringoes, N.J., born out of a couple’s love for their cat.

Jonathan Rosenberg and his wife were devastated by the 1999 loss of their cat, Tabby, to cancer. The desire to honor their cherished companion became Tabby’s Place, a cage-free home for about 100 cats.

Take a virtual tour.

The “suites” allow cats access to fresh air and sunshine along with indoor nooks and crannies where all sorts of special needs cats can chill out after eating and playing.

On-site medical care tends to the needs of felines with diabetes, cancer or other health issues. Most of the cats had been scheduled to be euthanized. There is also an adoption center and hospice. The Web site stated that Tabby’s Place uses “specialized materials” to keep the place clean and disease-free.

Tabby’s Place, which Rosenberg started with his own money, is now a 501c3 nonprofit that now relies on donations.

We know Tabby would be proud of his humans.



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2 responses to “Tabby’s Place: A Loving Home for Last-Chance Cats

  1. I love the “suites”. My cats tend to just take over my daughter’s furniture (and ours of course). If Tabby’s Place which is a non-profit is having difficulty securing donations, or could perhaps benefit from partnering with another animal charity and service provider, their leaders should check out a collaboration workshop and supper for non profits thrown by Integral Inc, info at

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