When to Get a New Cat

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty

When a beloved pet dies, it can never be replaced. However, it is possible once the initial period of grief has passed, to open your heart and home to a new companion.

Some people may never be ready for a new cat; others rush out (mistakenly, I believe) to adopt. It is important to allow yourself to grieve and honor your cat’s memory.

Eventually, the time may come when you can think about adding a new feline family member without sad memories of your departed friend.

My friends Craig and Mark lost their Miss Kitty (above) nearly a year ago. Regular readers may recognize her as yesterday’s Cat of the Day.

The guys knew they wanted a cat in their lives but were too upset about Kitty to be able to appreciate a new pet without thinking of their loss.

For months, Craig and Mark mourned their Kitty until they were able to talk about her without the sledgehammer of raw emotion hitting them in the heart.

Yesterday, they brought Hoshi, a 3-month-old female. When they first held her, they saw Hoshi, not Miss Kitty. That’s when Craig and Mark knew they could feel the joy of adding a new family member while  honoring what Miss Kitty gave them in her 18 years.

Hoshi now has a good home and Miss Kitty can contentedly purr on her throne across The Rainbow Bridge knowing her humans who will make them smile.

Below are resources for those dealing with pet loss and suggestions on when — or of — to get another pet.


Humane Society of the United States




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