Pets on the Job

Darwin. (courtesy Flickr/Rejean Pellerin)

Darwin. (courtesy Flickr/Rejean Pellerin)

Pets don’t vote but two “political” animals were a big part of the late Ted Kennedy’s life. His Portuguese water dogs, Splash and Sun, sat in on meetings and literally sniffed out the opposition.

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Whoa… what does this have to do with cats?

The lesson here is how animals in the workplace can make people feel better, boost productivity and become a focal point for actually increasing business.

True, it is harder to brings cats to the office. There’s the litter box, scratching issues and co-workers with allergies. Wandering off and loud meows could also cause problems. The cat’s disposition and the nature of your work are important factors.

A lot of the obstacles to a cat on the job have a practical solution. We have some basic suggestions. First, find out you company’s policy toward animals. You must be sure a new place won’t stress your pet so much that you will do more harm than good. It’s probably not a good idea to bring kitty to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange but a book store or gallery could work.

Next: bring a covered litter box, food bowls, toys and trim kitty’s claws. (Your might want to also use Soft Claws — just in case). Find out if any co-workers suffer from allergies. Work out the logistics of transportation and you may be ready for a cat-tastic day at the office.


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