Orange Cats Also Rule


Ralph. (courtesy

Sugar and spice and marmalade cats star in a social networking group that caught our eye because it is called — Orange Cats Rule!

These feline fans make their home on Their founder wrote:

“There really is something special about orange cats. Somehow, they seem more together in a Zen-like way, more intelligent in a silent and kind of non-judgmental fashion, unless their human tries to scratch a stomach, or forgets about those favored treats. It’s not as if other cats aren’t the above, yet it seems that way at times. Tell other orange cat humans about them and let us see plenty of orange cat photos. Oh yeah, other cats and their humans are welcome. Orange cats are not snobs and would have it no other way.”

I’ve known a few orange cats and agree that, overall, they have quite a presence. This is also true of calicos.

Note to Orange Cats Rule!: We applaud your good taste, and suddenly have a craving for marmalade.


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One response to “Orange Cats Also Rule

  1. Ohhhh yes! I love all kitties… but I must say, orange tabbies have a special something. I have two of them (both seniors) and one especially, my “Jack” could be a poster child for Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.” I have never had a more laid back, loving cat.

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