Senior Cats For Seniors

Older cats make great companions for seniors. (courtesy

Older cats make great companions for seniors. (courtesy

It is always sad to read about cats who lost homes because their humans died. Pairing older cats with seniors citizens is one way to keep both species healthy and happy.

There are many advantages to these matches. First, there are no growing pains. An older cat’s personality is fully developed, they definitely appreciate a more settled life and are more likely to sit on your lap than run around. (Real-life translation: they are less likely to wake you at 4 a.m.)

Older cats also seem to sense they are getting a second chance at a loving home and show their appreciation with almost instant love and loyalty.

Although it is increasingly common for cats to live into their 20s; the odds of them outliving caregivers is greatly reduced. This means seniors will have less stress over finding someone to care for their cat in the event of their death.

For some senior citizens, they will gain a friend who will keep them physically and mentally engaged in life. Both human and cat are instinctively more inclined to be gentle and tolerant with each other.

Let’s not forget the health benefits. Many studies have shown a purring cat can reduce blood pressure. Interacting with an animal can also help ease depression.

It is important for potential cat parents to remember that older felines may have special needs or require medication. For people on a fixed income, that is something to consider for adopting.

Several organizations around the country have  programs that match four-legged senior citizens with their two-legged counterparts. Click on the links below to learn more.


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