Purrs for Peace


Confucius Cat

No one knows why cats purr, however, we do know it is a relaxing sound. Amp it up by a couple of hundred felines and you have Purrs for Peace.

It’s a Twitter phenom that’s been going on for 11 weeks. We came across it, thanks to Confucius Cat, one of our Twitter followers.

It works like this: a bunch of cats Tweet “purrs,” interspersed with their desire for an end to war, domestic violence, animal abuse and all around evil. It ain’t exactly “We Are the World,” but think about it. The sound of scores of purring cats just might relax a few bad guys.

Purring felines across the globe have paws-ed from their daily routine to take part.

If your cat is interested in participating, follow Confucius Cat on Twitter or read the blog. You can also find Confucius Cat on Facebook.


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One response to “Purrs for Peace

  1. Awwwww. Thank you for such a wonderful post about the Purrs 4 Peace project. Very thoughtful of you.

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