A Town for 500 Cats


Craig Grant and a furry resident of the Caboodle Ranch. (courtesy caboodleranch.com)

Yep, you read right. There’s a town built just for cats, complete with a City Hall and Wal-Mart.

The Caboodle Ranch was built on a fluke. In 2003, Craig Grant’s son asked him look after his cat. Grant had never been a fan of the feline but over time, man and beast bonded. When the cat, Pepper, had kittens, Grant moved his new family to a larger space in Lee County, Fla. Grant started taking in strays and abandoned animals and before you could say “meow,” the 30-acre Caboodle Ranch grew into a home for about 500 unwanted cats.

Grant financed the “town” with his own money. The man who never particularly cared for cats now calls them his “best friends.”

It is worth noting that the Caboodle Ranch proclaims it is the place where cats aren’t “treated like animals.”

Watch the Zootoo.com report

Caring for the animals is a full-time job, and pretty expensive seeing as Grant spends around $6,000 a month just for food. The ranch is a non-profit organization.

In case you’re wondering, Grant seems to be going out of his way to prove he is not your stereotypical cat hoarder. His Web site states that Tallahassee officials inspected and approved the ranch.

Grant welcomes donations and sells T-shirts and mugs on his Web site. People can also volunteer. Visit his Web site for details.


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