Hep Cats Play Piano

Nora the keyboard cat

Nora the keyboard cat (courtesy ravenswingstudio.com)

When cats aren’t Twittering, they relax by playing the piano.

Take Nora. She’s a self-taught prodigy who began playing when she was a year old, according to her human. Her fan base has grown so much that she has her own Web site. The former New Jersey shelter cat has purr-layed her musical gifts into a multimedia empire that includes books and DVDs.

Click on the link below to watch one video.

Nora the Cat Plays Piano

Nora also blogs, and her site features “cat-certos.” If that’s not enough, she wrote a guide to becoming a musician. (I’m exhausted just typing this!)

Visit the site to read the rest of Nora’s story.

Nora is not only hep cat out there. Check out the mew-sical stylings of Fatso, another keyboard kitty who is making a… notable… impact in cyberspace.

Fatso rocks

Fatso rocks

Of course, everyone is a critic. In the second video link (below), you will see the affect Fatso’s playing has one pooch.

Cool Cat on the Piano

Keyboard Cat Drives Dog Nuts

Fatso, like every two- and four-legged creature on the planet has his own little e-commerce business going.

You can learn more about Fatso and his human at charlieschmidt.com.


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