The Pet MRC 2-Wheel Cart (courtesy

The Pet MRC 2-Wheel Cart (courtesy

Who knew someone actually made cat diapers?

If you have a senior pet, a valuable resource is The site has a wealth of information about older pets, including a “pet experts” corner.

Their products section include things many of us never imagined such as cat diapers and wheelchairs. The ittle cart you see costs $300.

Doggie wheelchairs are nothing new but I never saw a cat wheelie.

There are also links to health and pet-loss groups. A vet-written blog answers common diet and health questions.

The California-based site has been around since 2004, but has apparently remained under the radar. But the founders give back to the animal community by donating a portion of sales to the The Gray Muzzle, an organization that helps elderly dogs.

Visit the links below (and the ones in to your right) to learn more about making your pet’s senior years truly golden.

American Association of Feline Practitioners (guidelines posted at



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  1. A revelation … and we have an injured rescue who may well need a “wheelie!” Thanks.

  2. On second thought … went to the site, couldn’t find the aid.

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