If John Waters Made a Movie About Cats…

tabloidcoverSleazy furballs! Paw-pad perverts! Low-grade kibble! How far will felines forage and swish their tails for a chance at the big time? This is the hilariously twisted take on the lives of troubled tabbies at LiveNudeCats.com.

It kills me that I can’t embed video here. You will have to check out the site. You can also visit YouTube for some furlicious action.

You can also read the sordid story of LiveNudesCats in book form. It’s available at Amazon and other major retailers.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, however, I will say it chronicles the lives of two cats from a shelter to their back-alley scraping for fame, their fall from grace and desperate struggle to claw their way back to the top.

The brains behind LiveNudeCats also blogs at iwritefunny.com. Check it out.



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3 responses to “If John Waters Made a Movie About Cats…

  1. This is hilarious. It looks like your blog is off to a good start. I’ve put a link to it on my own blog.

  2. Thanks for the fun writeup! And for supporting Adult Feline Entertainment…


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