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This is Bubba my CFM (chief feline muse).

This is Bubba my CFM (chief feline muse).

Welcome. My name is Bubba and I’m a 21-year-old black cat. I noticed my human reading stories about age 40 being the new 20, 50 being the new 30, etc. The same thing is true for cats.

My feline brothers and sisters are living longer, healthier lives and using our years of experience to teach our humans the importance of savoring every morsel of life. I can’t type so I asked my human to create a place that senior cats could call their own.

Think of OldCatsRule as a virtual scratching post — let loose with stories of the mouse that got away or the time you helped your human through a crisis. This is your home. I’m 21 (finally legal, woo-hoo), so I’m know there are more days behind me than ahead of me. It just means the sound of cat food cans opening is very sweet.

My advice to dealing with age is to keep your tail high and maintain a healthy cat-itude. Sure, I have a few aches and pains but I wouldn’t want to be a kitten again. I’ve been through a lot with my human and the surviving bad times only make us love each other more and relish the good times.

This blog/site is just beginning and I would love my human to add a slew of contests and stories as we evolve. If you want to watch some videos, check out the OldCatsRule channel. Send us your video links/code to Twitter at OldCatsRule and we’ll post it on the channel.

I’d love to hear from you. Share your pictures, stories and let us know what you think of OldCatsRule.

To be continued.

— Bubba


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  1. I love your new blog… informative, entertaining, cat-filled fun. You’ve used your news talents for a good cause. I will be putting a link on my blogspot.

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