Hospices for Pets

No one like to think about it… and let’s face it there are few things more heart-wrenching for a pet owner than to make that last trip to the vet with your best bud, knowing that you’ll return home with an empty carrier.

Our pets always seem to know when that time is at hand. Hospices for humans strive to make the final days of life one of comfort and dignity. Don’t we owe our beloved pets something more than to have their last look at the world be a vet’s office and the last thing they feel a needle as they lie on a cold steel table?

I know a pet hospice is not an option for everyone but if it you can afford it, it is something worth considering.

Thanks to mscaroleann from Twitter for sharing an article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Hospice Care Eases the End for Loyal Pets


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